17 December 2010

Meeting January 2011

There will be a meeting on Wednesday 19th January 2011 at 7 Gunning Street, Richmond at 7 pm. All are welcome but please email if you plan to attend.
The reason for the change of venue is to enable demonstration of a home electrical energy monitor in action.  Given the recent price increase for electricity the best way to save is to know what you are using at any moment.  A bulk purchase of such meters for residents of the Coal River Valley could be an option.

Workshops planned for 2011 include:
- A visit to a home powered entirely by wind and solar
- Storing your garden produce over winter

03 December 2010

Christmas BBQ

The last meeting for the year is on Sunday 5 December from 5.30 pm at Old Beach.
Bring a plate to share, something to cook on the BBQ and a drink.
Give Ilse (0423 598 401) or Penny (6260 2950) a call for details if you plan to attend.