17 October 2016

News for Nov/Dec 2016

Coal River Valley Sustainable Living Group

Join us in imagining an awesome future at the Sustainable Living Festival this year

12th and 13th of November, 10am - 4pm

Prince’s Wharf 1, Hobart Waterfront

Speak with our fabulous line up of exhibitors, including the team from TESLA (in Tassie for the very first time) with their new Model S.  As always, the Sustainable Living Festival is the place to get the skills, resources and connections you need to take that next step towards your own awesome future.

There will be a BYO everything BBQ at Risdon Brook Dam on Friday 25th November with friends and family welcome from 4:30 to 8 pm. 

Future of the Group
It was decided to discontinue monthly meetings except for June and December but to call extra meetings as required for special projects etc.
There should be a mid- monthly email exchange timed to allow for items of news to be included in the Richmond Online Newsletter and at RAC meetings..
The work in the Community Food Garden would continue and the Bank account would be maintained.

Group contact: Penny Wadsley   Ph  6260 2950 or email pmwadsley@ozemail.com.au  or find us on Facebook as Coal-River-Valley-Sustainable-Living-Group-Richmond